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Demystifying Escrow Accounts

If you are closing on a home or refinancing, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the words “escrow account” or “impounds” numerous times. At the most basic level, an escrow account is a savings account that is funded at closing and maintained by your lender so they have funds to pay the property taxes […]

The Real Estate Information Gap

As a closing attorney in Fort Mill, South Carolina I have the privilege of working with a lot of families every single day. Individuals are relocating to the Carolinas for a variety of reasons – a new job, lower taxes, better climate, proximity to grandchildren, the list goes on! People are starting new chapters to […]

Incorporating Faith and Values in Estate Planning

For many, passing along religious beliefs and values to the next generation is just as important as passing along financial wealth and tangible assets. Estate planning creates many opportunities to do this, including: End-of-Life Care A health care power of attorney (Advance Directive in some states) lets you name someone to make medical decisions for […]

The Right Reasons to Start Your Own Company

Recent market conditions have produced a bumper crop of startups and venture capitalists. Not enough thought is given to the questions: Which of them will survive during leaner times? Which of the thousands of startups will actually generate profit? A disturbingly large number of startup founders are more concerned with valuations and term sheets than […]